The Financial Services industry is going through a consolidation phase where economies of scale play a key factor in its players’ success. Capital has ample experience in this industry, having participated in transactions worth more than US$2.1 billion of equity across all Central American countries.

Our expertise covers different types of entities, from non-regulated institutions to international universal banks. We know how to clearly identify the key success factors in each institution and exploit them in every transaction or strategic advisory process. For example, non-regulated institutions tend to operate under higher capital ratio structures to offset the potentially riskier quality of their portfolios and less regulatory supervision. Such factors directly influence the entity’s profitability ratios. However, these institutions generally enjoy an agility advantage, and under adequate risk management policies, can penetrate into asset classes that are out of reach for regulated institutions.

Moreover, our team has relevant previous experience in the banking sector, further adding a differentiating factor throughout our advice. As a result of all our accumulated years of experience, we have achieved a wide networking base in the financial services industry across the region.

Specific sectors in this industry where we have executed transactions and other advisories include, among others:

  • Commercial, Retail and Universal Banks.
  • Non-regulated institutions.
  • Micro-credit institutions.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Credit bureaus.
  • Pension funds.