The Digital revolution and the ever accelerating rate of technology adoption is highly impacting the Technology and Telecommunications industry.

The tendency towards digitalization, data transfer and an ever interconnected world is creating a significant increase in demand for bandwidth and the appearance of entirely new markets such as virtualization, cloud computing and social media. Additionally, the rate at which companies adopt new technologies is becoming a key element to remain competitive in their respective industries.

In recent years, companies within the Technology and Telecommunications industry have recognized the importance of growing through Mergers & Acquisitions in order to reap the benefits from the increasing demand from emerging markets as well as to take advantage of economies of scale particular to this industry.

Capital has advised clients across the value chain in the Technology and Telecommunications industry, including:

  • Heavy Duty Trucks Dealers.
  • Aftermarket Distributors.
  • Motorcycle Distributors.
  • Construction Machinery.
  • Rental Car Companies.
  • Tire Retail Chains.
  • Vehicle Dealers.