Capital possesses an outstanding track record in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) processes and corporate strategy projects, with experience for more than US$11,500 million of Enterprise Value traded.

Our credentials add up to more than a hundred projects in more than 22 countries across Central America, the Caribbean, the Andean Region and the United States in several industries.

Particularly, Capital has accumulated relevant experience in M&A processes within the Energy sector, which has been highly influenced by the constant increase in prices on power generated from fossil fuels as well as the trends towards more environmental friendly sources of energy. Furthermore, legislations in several countries are incorporating distinct provisions to promote investments in renewable energies in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Given that Energy is a highly regulated industry, with government participation in most countries, our accumulated expertise allows us to provide first-class advisory services to our clients, enabling them to successfully implement their growth strategies through M&A within the Energy sector.

Across the different sectors of the economy, Capital has unparalleled experience in:

  • Renewable Energy Generation.
  • Construction services.
  • Real Estate.