The service category is as varied as it is dynamic. So long as our economies keep growing and expanding, a disproportionate percentage of the economy becomes part of the service industry, and strongly outpaces the manufacturing base.

In Capital we have advised clients in several sectors of the service industry including:

  • Gaming and leisure.
  • Foodservice.
  • Logistics.
  • Airlines.
  • Hotels.

Capital has accumulated significant experience in this sector. Our team has participated in dozens of M&A processes across all of these sub-sectors in all of the countries in the region.

In this type of industry, client retention and the correct identification of the value of recurring business is key to success. Well-structured loyalty programs are critical for effective competition, especially when every day the industry becomes more globalized with fewer barriers to entry and fewer local advantages. Being able to identify these strengths and weaknesses in an M&A process, and being able to quantify the risk of retaining clients into the future is critical to its value, just like the careful planning of investments in installed capacity, whether they are for growth or as defensive moves in certain markets.